Kids mattress - Skiouros
PETIT COCO Skiouros Mattress Layers
Kids mattress - Skiouros

Kids mattress - Skiouros

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Skiouros is an all-natural mattress that provides ideal support for newborns and toddlers.

Completely devoid of metal, it offers perfect support during the first stages of child development. It consists of a 5 cm layer of elastic coconut fibers recommended for infants and a more elastic 2.5 cm layer of natural latex which will adapt perfectly to the curves of the body of the little one.

Coconut fiber provides perfect ventilation, regulates humidity and creates a healthy environment for babies.

The soft touch mattress cover is made of 100% cotton, washable and durable. A recyclable microfilm applied to the base of the cotton yarn makes it impervious to spills, breathable and sweat resistant.

The zipped cover can be easily removed and washed for optimal hygiene.

The Skiouros mattress is available in sizes 120x60 cm and 140x70 cm but can also be made to measure.

2 years warranty.