Since Coco-Mat's inception in 1989, we have consistently pursued a single goal: to provide our customers with the highest quality natural sleep.

At Coco-Mat, guided and inspired by the wisdom of nature, we create entire beds, box springs, mattresses, toppers and other bedding items made from natural materials to ensure 100% natural sleep.

We are now a global brand with now 110 stores in 18 countries. During this journey towards excellence many things have changed, but our dream remains the same: that our work makes a difference and improves people's lives.


At COCO-MAT, all measures are taken to achieve our ultimate goal: peaceful sleep.

In order to make this dream possible, manufacturing the best bedding products in the world is not enough. We also need to have a clear conscience every night.

This is why we make every effort to actively support non-governmental organizations and give our contribution to local communities.

We are also players in sustainable development and our efforts are aimed at raising environmental awareness. We respect the environment but above all, we respect each other.

We promote equal opportunity among our employees and welcome into our ranks people from all ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

We take great pride in our work, designing and manufacturing the best beds in the world, but above all, we want to make this world a better place.


In our workshops in Xanthi, our experienced craftsmen work tirelessly to give birth to the highest quality products and, in doing so, they pass the torch of their experience, of their love for the objects they create at COCO-MAT to the younger generation: Sofia, Nina, Dimitris, Mihalis...

It takes our artisans long hours of work to hand-finish a mattress or bed frame. They work together with patience and passion to manufacture and assemble all the parts of your bed, ensuring a perfect result.

They cut, they sew, they delicately superimpose layers of different materials drawn from nature, conscientiously controlling the result. They make each object produced by our brand a family affair, each of them being personally involved and giving the best of themselves.

For the manufacture of a mattress, our craftsmen in Xanthi need nearly 25 days, from the order to its packaging.

Do you think it's too long? Just think about the number of hours you will be comfortably lying on your bed, for many years, and you will see that in a different light!



A long, long time ago, before man appeared on earth, the resplendent sun decided to bring its blessings to all living creatures. Every day it offers its light and warmth to the trees of the forest and the chirping of birds, to the misty rivers and the deep seas. He is the companion of the mighty cactus that stands alone and proud amid wild plains and rocky mountains, for days, years and centuries. Each coconut palm and each rubber tree, bathed in rainwater and covered in kisses from the sun, is imbued with its eternal energy. The more the hours pass under his gaze of fire, the more they are full of sun. By using only natural materials for our beds and mattresses, we capture this energy and give it back to you.



Cotton has a long history in making soft and comfortable clothing and textiles. Light, fluffy and naturally hypoallergenic, cotton is the undisputed king of Coco-Mat textiles.

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The nut of this famous tropical fruit is coated with strong elastic fibers, which are then sprayed with natural latex and then shaped into layers and used in our products. Coir fibers are known for their strength and insulating properties.



A colloidal, milky fluid, which undergoes a special process, to become an elastic and soft foam. The name given to this gum by indigenous tribes of Ecuador was “rubber”, from the words “caa” (tear) and “ochu” (tree), in reference to the way it is harvested.



They grow at the bottom of the sea and have been used over the years for many purposes: as a medical remedy, insulating material or even in sushi. We dry them, and we use them for their slow emissions of iodine, beneficial for breathing.



The large eucalyptus tree is renowned for the shade it provides but also for its therapeutic properties. The essential oil, distilled from its leaves, has a refreshing smell and is a natural remedy, with beneficial properties for our respiratory system.



Since man was man, wood has been used for everything - from tools to housing - thanks to its strength and longevity. By avoiding any chemical treatment, we maintain its qualities and natural elegance.



A fragrant shrub, known for its sweet notes and medicinal properties, lavender is widely used in cosmetics, perfumes, balms and medicines. Its enchanting scent is recognized for its relaxing properties.



Although woolen sheets are generally considered more suitable for colder climates, wool is perhaps the only natural material that, thanks to its insulating properties, can keep us warm in winter and cool in summer so well.



Down, lighter than air and deliciously fluffy, has always been associated with dreamy sleep. It keeps us warm, thanks to its inherent ability to let air circulate while maintaining a stable temperature.



Horsehair is a naturally waterproof material, capable of absorbing humidity in order to recreate a dry environment. Through the ages it has been used to make brushes, strings for musical instruments and even toothbrushes in Napoleonic times.



This exotic plant - a formidable survivor of the harshest environments - is rich in strong and durable fibres, capable of regulating humidity and maintaining a dry environment.



Linen has a rich history dating back to ancient Egypt. Formerly a symbol of light and purity, it produces soft and light fabrics of exceptional solidity. It is ideal for making light clothes that let our skin breathe.