PURE SPACE uses technology that has been around since 2010 and has already been adopted by over 200 hospitals and 1,000 dentists.

Coco-Mat now offers a disinfection service for your living spaces.

Particularly reassuring during this Covid period, this package includes:

The trip to your home,

Calculation of the volume to be disinfected,

Disinfection with our NocoSpray diffuser,

Benefits :

The hydrogen peroxide used for disinfection is a biodegradable substance, allowing the destruction of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, mites and other pathogenic agents.

Sanitation is done by dispensing a dry disinfectant mist (5 micron particles) that evenly reaches all surfaces.

Does not corrode or oxidize surfaces, including electronic objects.

Complete disinfection is odorless and results in a pathogen load reduction of 99.9% of the sterilized volume.

Speed ​​:

For example 45 min is enough for an area of ​​200 square meters.

When to use it:

Our pathogenic environment becomes alien and potentially harmful to us when it is changed from the outside. Several hotels use PURE SPACE after the guest has left, in order to guarantee a pristine environment for the next.

We recommend this service:

After receiving guests or simply on a regular basis (once a month or every two months)

Obviously, disinfection is complementary to cleaning and does not replace it.

So keep cleaning your surfaces regularly.

FROM CHF 150.- from a room size 15 m2.


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